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"What is learned on the athletic field is not forgotten, nor are the lessons of character that are forged there ever lost. Consider the contributions in the field of public life, business, law, medicine, and the military of those who actively participated in athletics.

Robert Kennedy

Tad Gormley Stadium Renovations, New Orleans, LA*

James W. Wilson, Jr. Intercollegiate Athletic Facility, Tulane University*

Westbank Fitness Center at Federal City, Algiers, LA*

Jackson Barracks Recreational Facility, New Orleans, LA

Baseball Stadium Renovations, Tulane University*

Baseball Stadium Renovations, University of New Orleans

Hall of Fame and Locker Room Renovations, University of New Orleans

Lawrence D. Crocker School Gymnasium, New Orleans*

Paul L. Dunbar School Gymnasium, New Orleans*

Texans' Stadium Portable Turf Field System, Houston, TX

* By Mark I. Baum, Architect, AIA while employed with another firm.

 Tad Gormley Stadium
 Wilson Intercollegiate Athletic Center
 Westbank Recreational Facility
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Wait for it!
 Jackson Barracks Recreational Facility
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