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James W. Wilson, Jr. Center

for Intercollegiate Athletics

Tulane University


Building Area:


72,000 gsf


As the centerpiece of Tulane's resolve to upgrade its intercollegiate athletic programs, the facility houses its offices and training facilities surrounding the centerpiece Hall of Fame.  Its pure geometric form and use of rough block emulating early campus buildings evokes a sense of permanence and strength.  The Hall of Fame space is a 3-story, circular atrium on the primary circulation path assuring that all visitors take account of the University's athletic glory.


The project was recognized by Athletic Business Magazine, 1991, as one of 60 “Top Athletic and Recreational Facilities, a New Orleans Times Picayune article, “Athletic Center has Muscle, Grace” by Roger Green, November 1990 and the 1991 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence

Designed by Mark I. Baum, Architect, AIA as Project Architect with another firm.

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