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At Mark I. Baum Architect LLC, providing the highest level of personal service to each of our valued clients is of paramount importance.  We offer a full array of traditional Architectural Services as well as Construction Project Management Consulting Services, Architectural Firm Management Support Services and Design-Build Support Services.  From Programming through Final Completion, we are there with you, allowing you to focus on your business.  Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction with our quality of service and, of course, the successful realization of your project.

The Divine Proportion, also known as the Golden Section, is the inspiration and foundation of my architectural practice.  Ancient references to theories of proportion based on patterns and number relationships found in nature date to the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, and are known to have influenced the perfect visual proportions of the Parthenon.


The concept of the Golden Section has influenced my practice through its elegantly simple spiral.  Its representation in our logo illustrates the path we take in the design process which commences with the broad challenges placed in our hands by our client, then following a methodical development of the design which brings the solution into focus and ultimately leading to the most ideal and highly refined architectural outcome.


It also is representative of the collaborative process involving all stakeholders in a project.  Commencing with the a wide variety of inputs to the design process by all stakeholders, site context opportunities and constraints, performance requirements, sustainability goals, budget and schedule constraints; information is then distilled and organized resulting in a focused set of design criteria.


Finally, it provides a framework for the organization of the design solution which brings to fruition a harmonious and innovative final product.

Mark I. Baum, Architect, AIA

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